About Us


Neo Hi-Tech Mapping Technology is an emerging GIS services and Spatial data provider for creative solutions in the areas of Natural Resource Management. Dimension endeavors to maximize the efficiency of business by the use of GIS solutions in india an abroad for decision making and planning, by integrating information from different sources.

GIS and Remote Sensing services work uniquely, it assimilates data from diverse resources and evaluates the referred information, analyzes it and evaluates the changes after development. It manipulate the space, Patterns and conditions to attain qualitative objectives quickly. It allows the user to to understand the spatial information by specifying queries.

GIS has the ability to facilitate the user with data sharing which creates a rich organizational information System. It even links the whole bunch of data to geography and acts a shared information bank that benefit the workers from inter-departments and can be used many a times. Useful information can lead to better decision making. GIS works as a tool for queries, analysis and mapping relevant regions to support decisions.

At Neo Hi-Tech MTR, we aim that our customers get a reckonable business benefit by outsourcing projects to us. Our team focuses on building a strong and long lasting relationship with every customer we serve. Our vision is to grow big and strong by working carefully on projects and ensure absolute and accurate services to all our customers. The core management group is young, dynamic and result oriented with a clear aim to excel in the area of business we do and are strongly committed to quality and customer satisfaction in all the aspects of projects.